Fast Or Slow … Chemistry Makes It Go! (NCW 2021)

In 2021, the Chapter hosted the 2nd edition (17 – 23 October, 2021, Theme: Fast Or Slow… Chemistry Makes It Go!) on 21st October, 2021. The featured:

  • A talks on Catalysts – What are they and how are they important in today’s world and Chemists and chemistry as catalysts for positive scientific and social change.
  • Social media time out to spread the word
  • Virtual demos by student chapters
  • Distribution of digital version of Celebrating Chemistry

The outreach wont have been possible without the financial and digital support of the team members and IYCN Scientific Organization, as it aided in the provision of Eye googles, Mathematical Set, and Dozens of Notebooks given to the Secondary School Junior and Senior Students who answered questions correctly including reciting the periodic table first 20 elements.

It was a way to motivate and encourage this Junior students on the need to be studious in their Academics. 

We also appreciate the Chapter advisor Prof Ezekiel Dixon Dikio, the Dean of Faculty of Science Prof. Inengite Azibaola, Head of Department Chemical Sciences Dr. Godwin Jackson and all Lecturers in the Department of Chemical Sciences, Pure and Applied Chemistry program for the knowledge of Chemistry they have impacted in every member of the Chapter, and this knowledge was passionately shared to the high School Students in promoting Chemistry.

Chemistry for Life.

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